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I'm a self-taught photographer from Porto (yes, self-taught... but don't be scared just yet). I graduated in Hotel Management but later decided to pursue my real passion - photography - and make it a full time career.

I'm proud of being autodidact. All my knowledge in photography came from my own interest and research (many online courses and tutorials...), experimentation and discussions with other artists.

For 3 years, I lived and travelled around Barcelona, Macau and Edinburgh.

While in Macau, I was an invited photographer on a VSCO x Apple event, leading a photographic tour in the city. 

Later on in the UK, I did a few certifications with Google in Digital Marketing, developed social media accounts for hospitality businesses and photographed for several brands and businesses. 

In between, I volunteered to taught Social Media Skills at An-Najah University in Palestine in 2019.

Now back in Porto, I want to help brands like yours to communicate their image, values and positioning through elegant photographs, that capture your business' essence and personality. 

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Reviews & Testimonials

Hulu Soy Candles (brand/client)

«Sara did some stunning product photography for my online store above and beyond my expectations. She has elevated the quality of my website and I could not be more thrilled. She is an extremely talented photographer. Highly recommeded - superb! Hulu Soy Candles» 

Pretty Angelic Jewellery (brand/client)

«Sara provided us with high quality photos for our new business. The photos we received from Sara are creative and exactly what we visualized. Sara is approachable, friendly and has been a delight to work with. We would highly recommend her work.»

Marc-Aurèle Palla (Photographer & Video Content Creator)

«I've been working with Sara for more than a year now. She is serious, inventive, and honest. She also knows how to lead projects and direct models. But most of all, she has a talent for capturing colors and forms.»

Pretty Shore Jewellery  (brand/client)

«Sara created beautiful photos that captured exactly what my products are about. The photographs were eye-catching and just what I had envisioned. Sara is a lovely person and the photos were extremely creative and full of character. I can’t recommend Sara enough! Thank you»


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